Colour Consultancy


One thing I love most about being an Interior Designer is the ability to work with colour everyday! I enjoy the variety of working with soft neutrals to vibrant colours, depending on the job.

Colour has a powerful effect on a room so it is important a considered approach is taken when selecting colours for a space.

Why contact me for colour consultancy:

  • You may be wanting to sell your house and need a new colour scheme to attract the current market
  • You may have moved into a new house and would like to add your own personality to a space
  • You may have bought some new furniture and need to change the colours in a few rooms

What I can offer:

  • Listen to what you are wanting to achieve
  • Provide a professional assessment of the space – I will look at the size of the room/s, the height of the ceilings, natural light, the type of environment inside or out and the mood you are trying to create
  • Create Ideas Boards, provide test pots/paint samples; depending on what is required
  • Recommend professional trades people to complete the job to my high standards.