Interior Design


The foundation of my business revolves around my slogan “Dream”, “Create”, “Live”. This is a simple three stage process which I use for all my projects large or small.


This is the initial part of the planning stage where you share what you would like done and what you would like help with. You may have a specific idea (perhaps you’ve always dreamed of….)
Or, you may have no idea at all but open to

Or, you may have no idea at all but open to suggestions; I can help either way!

Key steps for “Dream”:

  • contact me regarding your enquiry and some basic information
  • we will then have a meeting in person at your house so I can meet you and discuss further what is required
  • we will have an initial brainstorm; I bring along resources to help assist in idea generation (such as a catalogue of previous work, magazines, etc)
  • we discuss a timeframe and budget requirements

After viewing your home, I can quickly assess the inherent character of a space; focusing on key features which should be incorporated into the design brief and what should be eliminated. By recognizing the unique charm and character of an interior it ensures any new details will seamlessly flow, within it, a sense of cohesion here is vital.

I look at this stage as a collaborative process. This flow of dialogue allows for exciting design outcomes; giving an opportunity to bring dreams into life. It’s fun brainstorming endless possibilities of what can be achieved!


This is where your dreams start coming to life! This is an exciting stage where ideas get finalised, products arrive, tradespeople begin.
Key steps for “Create”:

  • We finalise initial ideas, this may involve another couple of meetings
  • I give a realistic idea of what can be achieved – I will break down your dreams into goals and do whatever I can to achieve them
  • A quote is created
  • I then create high-quality mood boards which I design to show colour schemes and products
  • A clear time-frame and budget is created
  • Products are ordered and trades people begin
  • I project manage tradespeople and quality control

I aim to source local products where possible and endeavour to create interiors that are sustainable. My careful selection of reliable industry tradespeople ensures quality workmanship and service.


This stage is where your mood board has come to life! You are now sitting back relaxing in your stunning new lounge enjoying the tranquility the colours bring or perhaps you’re enjoying the energizing light and contemporary features of your new kitchen – whatever your dream was you are now living it!!

Your space should reflect beauty and style combined with comfort and functionality; translating what was discussed during our initial planning. High-quality materials and products mean your interior will be long lasting.

Please me Contact today to discuss your ideas with me – I would love to help!