Why should we choose you as an Interior Designer?

I love working with people and strive to provide the best service I can to ensure my clients are happy with the end results! Not only am I an Interior Designer but I also offer a full Renovations and Project Management Service; so I have skills in both areas.

I don’t have one particular design style so am open to a variety of tastes depending on what your needs are; allowing for fresh and customised interiors. I have over 10 years experience in the industry so have a wealth of knowledge and experience which has led me to have lots of good contacts with high-quality suppliers and tradespeople; allowing projects to go smoothly. I can also relate to the challenges of renovating as I have first-hand experience of building my own house. Please check out my testimonials page for more details.


How much do you charge?

Due to the nature of my work I am unable to say an exact rate without knowing specific details about your project, as every project is unique in terms of size and the level of work required.

The best way of getting an estimated figure is by getting in touch and arranging a consultation – so I can know the specifics about what you are wanting and ask you questions to help with the accurate creation of a quote. Once this is done then a quote can be created. You may have a particular budget in mind and I can also provide you with options for what this will achieve.

It is important to note that hiring an Interior Designer can save you money down the track as we have the knowledge and contacts to source suitable products and furnishings for specific needs; resulting in a long-term investment for you. In some cases people find that hiring an Interior Designer can increase the market value of their home.

I try and have a consultation and quote completed within two weeks of your first contact with me; therefore there is not much waiting time for you.


Do you offer quotes or consultations and how does this work?

Yes I offer quotes and consultations. Simply contact me about your project and what you are wanting to achieve and then we can try and arrange a consultation. Once this is a done I can provide you with a quote.

It is important to me to meet with you in person for an initial consultation on site (if possible) to discuss your dreams for your project and I can talk further about how I can help; this usually involves bringing along my portfolio of work to help trigger ideas about what you like and it also allows me to see the specifics of what will be involved. It is also important to establish if we click since we will be working closely together so having a good rapport is important.

I try and have a consultation and quote completed within two weeks of your first contact with me; therefore there is not much waiting time for you.


Do you work with a specific architecture and/or building companies?

I work independently of architecture and building companies but can happily work along side them on projects. In most jobs I need to consult with tradespeople and builders on site. I’ve been in the industry 10 years so I know a lot of tradespeople, architects, as well as building companies so it’s great working alongside them on various jobs.

Also, if you need assistance with what building companies/ suppliers/ tradespeople to choose I can give recommendations.


What happens if I have no clue about how I want my Interior to look?

That’s totally ok and I can help assist you in establishing what you do and don’t like. Quite often people have more of an idea than they realise so it’s just a case of using different techniques to help assist you with this. Sometimes it can help to think about key features with your current interior that you like and you may want to extend on a particular style or colour scheme. To begin with I can bring along my portfolio of projects with photographs and examples of Ideas Boards. I’m also on Pinterest so you are welcome to look at some of my Interior Boards there to help initially.

I don’t have a particular design style that I favour so I can happily work with a huge variety of design styles, as my main aim is to ensure the most suitable option is chosen to meet your needs.


What is an Ideas Board?

Every project I work on I can create an Ideas Board. This comes after the acceptance of the quote. These are typically a4 sheets that show the projects colour scheme, suggested products and prices, as well as photographs for inspiration.

The Ideas Boards help allow for no surprises at the end of the project and provides strong direction for your project moving forward. They can be printed or emailed to you. My Ideas Boards can also be kept for years to come – some clients will renovate their house over several years so keep their Ideas Boards on hand for future reference and use them like a “shopping list” so they know what to purchase.

On average an Ideas Board will take about 3 weeks to create but this depends on the scale of the project.


Can you also Project Manage our job and what does this involve?

Yes I can. I offer a full Renovations and Project Management service, this can help take the stress off you so it is worth considering this as an option.

Some people only require me to create an Ideas board for them and then they will do the rest. But the other option involves me also project managing by sourcing products, dealing with tradespeople and supplier for you. This usually involves me making visits to site to check quality, ensure deadlines are in check, and answer any questions you may have or explain things you don’t understand about your building project. Communication is really important to me so I strive to make sure my clients are informed all along the way.


How long will my project take?

This depends on how much work is involved. I pride myself on good time management so I always ensure I try and keep on track once an initial time frame is quoted. Due to my experience I can provide you with a fairly accurate indication of how long your project will take prior to commencing.


Do you work with clients anywhere in New Zealand or the rest of the world?

Yes I offer my Ideas Boards service to anyone, these can be posted or emailed easily. I am based in Wellington but in some cases I may be able to also Project Manage your job elsewhere so please let me know if this is required.